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Timesaving Metric Products

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It's challenging in the U.S. to get your hands on metric-only products.  You mostly have to shop online, and unfortunately Amazon has historically been the only e-commerce company that offered a variety of metric-only products.  Walmart and Target have been expanding their online product selections, and now they do sell some metric-only products. 


Table of Contents

  1. Tape Measures
  2. Meter Sticks
  3. Rulers
  4. Adhesive Rulers
  5. Calipers
  6. Squares & Blocks
  7. Architect Scales
  8. Measuring Spoons & Cups
  9. Weight Scales
  10. Thermometers
  11. Kettles
  12. Tool Sets
  13. Office Supplies
  14. Education & Games

Products listed below are (or at were at one time) available in the U.S. with "Free Shipping by Amazon".  The links are NOT affiliate links — there are no commissions earned. 

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Tape Measures
πŸ† Takamine Professional Tape Measure, 5.5m High Contrast preview
πŸ† PICAGER Self-Lock Metric-Only Tape Measure, 5m High Contrast preview
Milwaukee Autolock Tape Measure, 5m Professional preview
Milwaukee Pro Compact Metric Tape Measure, 8m Professional preview
STANLEY FATMAX Classic Tape with Blade Armor, 8m Sturdy preview
STANLEY FATMAX Autolock Tape, 5m Sturdy preview
Komelon PG85 Metric Gripper Tape, 8m Good value preview
OX Trade Series Metric Tape Nylon Coated, 3m Compact size preview
Stanley Tylon Tape Measure, Black/Yellow, 3m / 5m / 8m Compact size preview
πŸ† Komelon Keymaster Pocket Mini Tape Measure, 2m Pocket size preview
PENCO Pocket Measure Red, 2m Pocket size preview
Utoolmart 2m Measuring Tape Pocket size preview
Meter Sticks
Shinwa 1,000 mm Rigid "Zero Glare" Metric Machinist Rule, 1m Stainless steel preview
Double Sided Meter Stick, Hardwood, Protective Metal Ends, 1m Wood preview
πŸ† Shinwa Sokutei Pickup Scale (Ruler), 10cm / 15cm / 30cm / 60cm Stainless steel preview
Midori Aluminium Ruler Black, 15cm Small, aluminium preview
Midori Metric CL Ruler Clear, 15cm Small, plastic preview
Wiha MaxiFlex Folding Ruler, Outside Reading, 2m Fiberglass folding ruler preview
5×30 cm Quilting/Sewing Ruler, Tailor Dressmaker Quilting Tool Clear acrylic plastic preview
Adhesive Rulers
uxcell Adhesive Backed Tape Measure, 10cm PVC sticker preview
Steel Metric Self Adhesive String Ruler, 1m Metal sticker preview
Utoolmart Vernier Caliper 80mm Measuring Tool, Outside Inside Copper preview
Tyenaza Vernier Caliper, 0mm-150mm Range, 0.02mm Accuracy Stainless Steel preview
Mitutoyo Digital Caliper, 0-150mm Range Solar powered preview
Squares & Blocks
πŸ† Swanson NA202 Metric Speed Square Layout Tool, 25 cm Aluminum preview
45/90 Degree Right Angle Line Gauge Carpenter Ruler and Center Finder, 9 cm Aluminum Alloy preview
45/90 Degree Centering Gauge Measuring Tool, Carpenter Ruler, 200×150 mm Stainless Steel preview
Carpenter Square with 3D Multi-Angle Layout Measuring Ruler, Pin Pivot Design, 120×80 mm Aluminum Alloy preview
Square for Woodworking Miter Scriber T Ruler 45/90 Degree Angle Protractor Gauge, 16 cm Aluminum Alloy preview
90 Degree L Shaped Dual Angle Side Square Layout Tool, 150×300 mm Stainless Steel preview
Shinwa Sokutei 12101 Curb Scale, Right Angle Ruler, Stainless Steel, 10×5 cm Small preview
Height Gauge Set, 15-Piece Precision Metric Setup Blocks for Router and Table Saw, 25×50×75 mm Aluminum preview
Architect Scales
Alumicolor Metric Architect Hollow Scale, 30cm, 20/25/50/75/100/125 Aluminum preview
Alumicolor Aluminum Engineer Metric Pocket Scale, 15cm, 1/2/5/10/20/50 Pocket size preview
Measuring Spoons & Cups
Bezall 5 in 1 Colorful Plastic Measuring Spoons Set, Kitchen Cooking Baking Tools Plastic preview
πŸ† CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Glass Measuring Cup, Pour Spout, 350 ml Glass preview
Appletofu Funnel Pitcher, Easy Pour Plastic Measuring Cup with Long Spout, Microwave Safe, 1,000 ml Plastic preview
Multi-Function Food Grade Measuring Cup with Handle and Durable Bamboo Lid, 350 ml / 500 ml / 1,000 ml Glass preview
OBALY Jigger, Cocktail Metering Cups, 25/50 ml × 15/30 ml Stainless Steel preview
Barfly Japanese Style Jigger, 25 ml × 50 ml Stainless Steel preview
Weight Scales
πŸ† Tanita KF-200 Kitchen Scale, 2 kg Digital preview
Tanita 1445 Kitchen Scale, 1 kg (5 g increments) Analog preview
Indoor/Outdoor Mini Temperature Humidity Meter Analog preview
Reotemp K82P-7 Large Dial Easy Read Pocket Thermometer, -10 to 110 Β°C, Waterproof Pocket preview
Robinair Dial Thermometer, -40 to 70 Β°C Pocket preview
Aigostar Electric Kettle Temperature Control 1.7L, LED Indicator Light Change Auto shut-off preview
NESSGRAIM Retro Electric Kettle, 1.7L Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Large Temperature Gauge Analog preview
Retro Electric Hot Water Kettle, 1,350w Quick Boil, Auto Shut-Off Analog preview
Tool Sets
Makita Metric Bit and Hand Tool Set Carrying case preview
Office Supplies
A4 Size Premium Printer Paper by Double A, 100 Sheets White preview
Education & Games
Learning Resources 1g Centimeter Cubes, Assorted Colors, Set of 500 Plastic preview

The above links are NOT affiliate links — there are no commissions earned. 

This list of products is manually curated by volunteers, and you can contribute by posting on Reddit with the Photos & Products flair or by submitting a PR on GitHub

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