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Go Fast With High Contrast Metric-Only Tape Measures

Traditional tape measures have scales with small numeric markings that continually increase over the length of the scale.  The background is normally a drab shade of yellow.  This layout is familiar but it might be a less than optimal design. 

Be Bold

Big bold repeating digits from 1 to 9

A newer high contrast design uses big bold digits that repeat from 1 to 9 on a white background.  Red boxes spaced every 10 centimeters show the total number of centimeters.  This vivid scale is super easy to read and makes measuring blazing fast. 

Some cm rulers also incorporate scales with repeating 1 to 9 digits

If you want to speed up your work with a high contrast tape measure, take a look at the Timesaving Metric Products page.  Takamine and PICAGER both make quality tape measures with the high contrast design. 

Big, bold, "fluorescent" scale

Hopefully the new "fluorescent" scale metric tape measures will be available in the U.S. soon.

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