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Create Product Reviews Showing Metric References

A small but simple way to advance metrication is to communicate using metric units.  The more our fellow Americans are exposed to metric, the sooner we will all gain an intuitive sense of metric. 

10 cinnamon roasted almonds are about 20 grams

As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words" (not 5,280 words but 1,000). 

You can leverage the power of a picture by taking a photo of a product you love that you purchased online.  Take the photo while the product is being measured with a metric-only ruler or scale, and include the photo in a review of the product you submit to the online shopping website. 

Tips for Product Photography

  1. Be sure the product is brightly lit
  2. Check that the product is in sharp focus
  3. Crop the image to draw attention to the product
  4. Resize the image to be no more than 1,000 pixels wide or tall
  5. Increase the "sharpness" and "exposure" a bit to improve contrast

Visual Reference

Product review of crunchy cinnamon roasted almonds

The visual reference in your product review will help other shoppers by providing measurement information, and it will also give everyone a frame of reference for visually understanding metric units.  For example, a great way to learn that an almond is about 3 cm long is to see a photo of a centimeter ruler measuring the very type of almond you're just about to put in your shopping cart. 

Whenever you stumble upon a helpful product review that shows a metric reference, be sure to smash that "Helpful" button.

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