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Practical Ways to Go Metric

There are more Americans than you might think who want to see our great country go metric.  We support the metric system because it's practical and efficient while imperial units are inefficient and hinder American economic competitiveness.  Support metrication for more high paying American jobs. 

The ship sailed many years ago for the U.S. to metricate quickly from the top down the way Australia did in the 1970s.  The best way to shift to metric is simply to use metric yourself.  It starts with you. 

For common everyday usage, you don't need to "learn" metric — just use it. 

Timesaving Metric Products

Go metric to boost your efficiency

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Your Personal Metrication Checklist

  1. Set your mobile device to metric

  2. Set the display in your car to Celsius (°C)

  3. Set your home thermostat to Celsius (°C)

  4. Set your refrigerator to Celsius (°C)

  5. Buy a metric-only tape measure

  6. Buy a kitchen scale that displays grams (g)

  7. Set your bathroom scale to kilograms (kg)

  8. Click "Helpful" for a review of a good metric-only product

  9. Leave a 5 star review for a good metric-only product

  10. Follow a metric recipe to prepare a dish

  11. Complete a DIY project using only metric

  12. Up vote a video on social media that uses only metric

  13. Purchase a product for its better metric labeling

  14. Convert a family recipe to metric and share

  15. Use metric units in a social media comment

  16. Post a product review showing a metric reference

  17. Star the think-metric project on GitHub

  18. Join r/ThinkMetric on Reddit

Metric Poetry

Common words for SI

"A journey of a thousand kays begins with a single step."